Most Useful Twitter Apps Around

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There are tons of great, useful Twitter Apps out there that you may not even know about. A lot of Twitter apps serve the most basic of functions, but a handful of them support multiple accounts, themes, and user-defined options. Some take things even further and tie in Facebook, widgets, photo filters, and enhanced notifications. Here is a list of some of the Most Useful Twitter Apps Around.



A great power user’s Twitter client, HootSuite supports Facebook, LinkedIn and Foursquare in addition to Twitter. The multi-column display lets you keep track of Tweets, Mentions and Direct Messages all on one page, with additional columns just a swipe away. And for those who use Twitter for professional purposes, HootSuite has an in-app stat tracking screen that will give you more information about the links you tweet. Try the freebie version or get a pro account for $8.99/month.



SnapBird is a service that gives you more flexibility to search individual timelines of specific Twitter users or your own Twitter stream to find links or messages that the built-in Twitter search would never find on its own. According to, SnapBird won’t search Twitter’s public timeline like the built-in Twitter search will, but it does search your tweets or a specific user’s tweets for the search term you’re looking for. You can specify whether SnapBird searches your timeline, someone else’s timeline (as long as it is public,) your mentions or someone else’s mentions, and any user’s favorites.



TweetDeck makes it easier for publishers, marketers and power users to track the real-time conversations they care about. It brings more flexibility and insight to power users through a customizable layout that lets you keep up with the people and topics that matter most to you. And, you can join the conversation by tweeting, sharing photos and links to news stories, and more. TweetDeck allows you to follow any number of Twitter and Facebook accounts you run in one columned application.


Manage Flitter

ManageFlitter provides you with a set of easy to use tools to empower you to work smarter and faster with Twitter. With ManageFlitter, you can sort your followers/following lists by a range of criteria; find new people to follow with our comprehensive search facility; find out when most of your followers are online and schedule tweets appropriately with our PowerPost feature; answer “Who unfollowed me on Twitter”?; track who unfollowed you; easily manage multiple Twitter accounts; track keyword mentions on Twitter with our Analytics feature (coming soon); and much more!

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