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I have gone crazy with this blogging thing actually crazy doesn’t do it – obsessed! I am consumed with templates, content, linking, traffic, gadgets, tricks, tips, tools, feeds, and so on and so forth. I truly didn’t understand the draw before….so you sit there and you write about your day – get a life dude! Then you get your first comment or feed report and see people really do care! That’s how it gets you, starts with one person reading and now you think you have a fan base better pull out the stops. Can’t let that one reader down, where would they go, they need you!!

I have re-done this template more times than I care to admit. I finally have three columns but I am still not happy because I lost the header graphic I liked and I would like one more left side panel in green. I will have to come back to this my ass has made a permanent impression in the couch! I hope my one reader is an adult. I found my template at http://www.blogcrowds.com/ they have some great 3 column templates for blogger.

I have been adding gadgets and links on the blog, one of my favorites is the mybloglog.com visitor widget. It shows everyone from http://www.mybloglog.com/ that has visited my page….. Oh yeah the tables are turned I see you now buddy. It is getting late and I haven’t had much social interaction-can you tell? Mybloglog is turning out to be an interesting social site everyone there is just looking to connect in one day I went from 2 friends (the mybloglog people & my mom) to 10. I started by looking at communities that I thought had interesting content that I could follow, but then I saw that some members had 100’s of communities they were a part of, how do you stay up on those communities? You don’t, it is all about getting connections, friends, people in your community. The more communities you are a part of the more people see you and check you out- you could spend all day doing it. I think that’s why they limit you to 15 communities a day, they are trying to save you from yourself! One great thing is that on your profile page you see what is happening with people in your network and new people that join your community, so if there is an interesting post by a “friend” I can see it pop up without going to their community. Ok, I feel a little bit better about joining all of those communities.

My goal tomorrow is to figure out how I can add all of those book mark links at the bottom of a post, that shouldn’t be too much work right? I better sit on a different couch cushion if they all have the ass imprint people will think it is part of the design.

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