PC Programs for Scanning and Cleanup

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Jason Steurnagel, principal of Momentum Technology Group, provided us with these programs that he uses to scan and clean PCs. 


This scans for rootkits (very low level infections.) You’ll want to clean these up first if they exist. Download TDDS Killer.


This is a utility that scans for various types of malware and is continually updated by the author. Only download from here because there are a number of fake download sites that don’t have the correct program.

Eset Online Scanner

Eset has a very good (and somewhat expensive antivirus.) They do have a free antivirus scanning utility on their website.  Run this one as a double check. Get the Eset online scanner here.


This is another spyware scanning program with a paid version and a free version that will scan.
Jason isn’t a huge fan of this one but some of his employees swear it.


Jason is the Principal of Momentum Technology Group and works in IT consulting, IT infrastructure design and management, cloud computing, virtualization, and disaster recovery planning and implementation. Click here to see Jason’s profile on LinkedIn.



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