Personalized Pins and Board Recommendations Come to Pinterest

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The people at the popular social network, Pinterest, recently announced that over the next few weeks they will be trying out new ways to help you see more pins you love, and fewer you don’t. Pinterest’s personalized pins and boards based on websites you go to that have the Pin It button. So if you’re planning a party and have gone to lots of party sites recently, Pinterest will try to suggest boards to make your event a hit. You can learn more about personalized pins and boards in Pinterest’s Help Center or updated privacy policy.They will basically do this by using your cookies, log data and device information to personalize what pins and boards you may see. However, Pinterest does support a “do not track” browser feature as well.

Some other new things to notice will be the new Edit button, essentially, allowing users to customize their homepage. Use the Edit Your Home Feed button to get your feed just how you want it, from the web or your phone. Go to Follow Boards to see stuff you might like based on what you’ve been pinning. (So if you pins lots of outdoorsy stuff, Pinterest will try to show you rock climbing, kayaking or backpacking boards. And the more you pin, the better our recommendations will get!) Or, go to Unfollow Boards to stop seeing stuff you’re not that into anymore. So, here is to a homier homepage!

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