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Pin it, Pin it Real Good!


Can you get more than just the ocassional high-five from the Pinterest Possy? Why yes you can, but first you need to know what to post. Women do love Pinterest but that love is also growing with the search engines so knowing more about your posts will help you with both audiences. To pin it real good, you need to know what pins people like so you can give them more of what they want. This is where analytics come in.

Social media marketing continues to grow, improve, and become something that companies can utilize as a means for networking, brand exposure, and more business. When it comes to Pinterest, utilizing this site for exposure is a must. Listed below are 8 different analytics tools that can assist you and your business in figuring out what works and doesn’t work with the Pinterest community.


Octopin specializes in the “Campaign Manager” which allows the user to create multiple boards and campaigns, and schedule pins before they’re published on Pinterest. Users can also host promotional contests through their brand.


Pro: Octopin provides advanced analytics and a ranking lists of contest participants.
Con: More in-depth plans are costly.
Cost: charge per plan


Pinpuff  analyzes your influence on Pinterest through what you’re pinning and the frequency of your pins. These numbers can provide an ‘estimated worth’ of each pinner.

Pro: Suggests tips to users on how to get maximum use out of Pinterest
Con: Not opened for use, currently still in Beta
Cost: Free



Pinfluence emphasizes the importance of creating boards that your target audience wants to see. You are able to build community boards and invite contributors to pin that are interested in your brand. Pinfluence searches for these potential contributors through keyword searches.

Pro: Helps users to build huge network of relevant target audiences
Con: is a downloadable tool, not currently available on Mac
Cost: Free ten-day trial, $9.99 for a month-to-month membership, $7.99/ month for a six-month membership, and $5.99/ month for an annual membership.

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This dashboard tool helps users find popular pins, boards, and pinners in any given category on Pinterest. You are able to sort through each category by repins, likes, comments, or the date.


Pro: shows “Top Pinning Sources” from sites like Google, Etsy, Flickr, Tumblr, etc.
Con: Repinly suggests sponsored “Pinners to Follow,” and these may not be relevant to your brand or audience.
Cost: Free


PinReach provides users with a “score” based off of their activity levels on Pinterest. The goal of this tool is to “produce and share great content on Pinterest.” Using this particular tool, repins boost your score much quicker than pinning something new. The more popular the pin, the higher your score will increase.

Pro: Allows users to see what other pinners are interested in on Pinterest
Con: Your score is based primarily off of what others think of your pins, not of your activity (likes, comments) on Pinterest
Cost: Free

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Reachli is a tool that can be used by businesses interested in maximizing their brand or product exposure on the web.

Pro: Tracks images not only on Pinterest, but also on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Con: Not as useful of a tool for an average Pinterest user
Cost: Charge per package



Provides analytics of the images from your site that users pin, and keeps track of these users in an easy-to-navigate dashboard.

Pro: Organizes those who comment on your products so you can easily respond to them and build consumer engagement
Con: Provides analytics on your products, not your actual page
Cost: Monthly fee, pricing depends on your online marketing budget



PinAuthority creates widgets for your website or blog to show off your Pinterest followers and assists users in gaining followers by featuring them on PinAuthority’s homepage.

Pro: Provides updated statistical data for users on a daily basis
Con: May use cookies to display info about your account when you visit third-party websites if you have their Visitor Widget installed.
Cost: Free to use, other plans start at $9.99/ month to be featured on PinAuthority’s homepage and sidebar.

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