Pinterest Gets A New Look & Adds Analytics For Businesses

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The New Look

Pinterest rolling out a new look to make it easier to find what you’re searching for on the site. Don’t worry, Pinterest isn’t ditching the grid-style “Masonry” design it’s known and cloned for – just a few minor adjustments. The  pinboard-style photo sharing website is introducing a new navigation system, bigger images, and more related content on pins to keep you clicking.

“Pins are bigger and we’ve added more information related to pins, so it’s easier to find things you’re interested in,” Vy Pham, software engineer at Pinterest, wrote in an official company blog post. “For example, on each pin, you’ll see pins from the same board, other boards this pin was pinned to, and a whole slew of related pins.”

The new style gives Pinterest a cleaner look, and forcing users to view the categories whenever they move around the site could encourage more exploration and longer time spent on the site. Now you will be able to surf the related links all across the site like you would through Wikipedia. Pinterest will also provide you with recommendations of what fellow users viewed later – much like Amazon.

“Our goals with this new look are to make it easier to get around the site and help people get more information about pins they care about,” a Pinterest spokesperson told Mashable. “We also made some changes behind the scenes that we hope will make things faster.”


The Numbers Don’t Lie

In other Pinterest-News, the website introduced a web-based analytics tool this morning, allowing site owners to track users’ engagement with their sites on the social network. For sometime, businesses had to manually analyze their engagement efforts or turn to third party developers for analytics. So, this new tool is a refreshing addition, making Pinterest more measurable for brands and bloggers alike. For now, it’s free with no plans to charge, with the main aim being to help pinners see what content is resonating best on Pinterest. However, keep in mind the analytics are pretty basic, and don’t pose much threat to the aforementioned, more robust third-party Pinterest analytics systems. Still, the new tool is great for those to examine their site’s engagement on Pinterest and want to improve it

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