Pinterest Launches First API

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Pinterest has finally released its first API to business. Partners can now showcase their most popular Pins right on their own websites and mobile apps. Pinterest is rolling out the first set of API endpoints with partners such as Zappos, Target, Nestle, Walmart and Hearst.

“We’re starting slow and working on high-quality integrations with partners of different sizes, many of whom have already seen success on Pinterest” says the social network in a recent blog post, “in the coming weeks, we’ll release additional API endpoints that’ll surface different groups of Pins on partner sites. This includes APIs for your domain, like top repinsmost recent Pinsrelated Pinsmost clicked-through Pins and Pins from specific search terms.”

Now, if someone is looking for dessert recipes on a site like, they can see the most Pinned recipes from the site on the homepage. Or, they could go to to see which shoes Pinners are liking best. You could also use these APIs to show popular products on your homepage or to curate your top articles and other content on Pinterest at any time. Your Pins will regularly update, so you can always see what’s trending up to the moment.

According to, the move comes after months (even years) of hints about when these would be coming out, with the company yesterday making its closest comments yet to those APIs. They then go on to say that adding an API will mean is that Pinterest is now laying the groundwork to expand that role. It will make existing pins more useful to sites and brands, and also make it easier for people to post to Pinterest.

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