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Summer is almost upon us and for some of you luckies out there that can mean Vacation Time!! I love travel, the more exotic, adventurous, and out of the way the better. In my “younger” days cheap was in that list also, not that I don’t look for a good deal now (I will always be a deal girl) but cheap can also means not the nicest and I’m not afraid to say it but I want some pamper in my vacation.

First let me tell you what spurred this post, I was watching Top Chef – yes this Smart Gal likes a realty show, I don’t like that many and I am not an Idol watcher sorry, but there are a couple out there that I DVR – anyway the winner of the challenge received a luxury trip by Journeypod. “What’s this” I asked myself. The word pod got me thinking Ipod aka tech, and we know how much I like that, and then the luxury piece -well any girl likes luxury. So I just had to check out this website. It is an interesting website with vacation destinations that span the globe, from Iceland to San Francisco and points in between, this site touts themselves as the insider on the life of luxury for the jetsetter.

A little snippet from their website:
Whether its luxury vacation ideas, luxury travel destinations, luxury hotel information, luxury holiday travel, journeyPod means luxury. We have the insider’s information about international nightlife, boutique hotels, luxury resorts, and luxury travel Europe. Scope out our nightlife reviews, celebrity travel gossip, and restaurant reviews. JourneyPod has the lowdown on what to eat, what to buy, where to be seen, and who you’ll see when you get there. Whether its San Francisco bars, London nightclubs, or Miami restaurants, the latest celebrity gossip, or where to find your favorite celebrity chefs, journeyPod is the one destination guide that has the most up-to-date info on exotic travel, luxury holidays, luxury vacation, trendiest restaurants and luxury travel.
Let’s review what your GetSmartGal thought:

Not So Smart:

  1. Events – They listed 8 events total in their main events page (not many) and they were wine/food and Hollywood events. I was hoping for more events, varying themes, with some exotic locales. Note: the podcast piece makes up for this page.
  2. Hotel “deals” these aren’t deals they should just stick to the informational piece and leave the “deals” to the more established online players like Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity, Priceline, etc..
  3. Site is a little labor intensive and disconjointed, the podcasts take you to another web address making it difficult to get back. There is no directory or search box on the main site and the one on the podcast site is useless. The longer they do this, they started in 2006, and the more they put on this site the worse this will get.


  1. The podcast supplements; this for me makes this site, the topics vary from destination overviews to “insider” information, and then they sprinkle in the glitzy factor with the behind the scene interviews at events.
  2. Dig deep in this site and you will find a lot more, they have specific city pages, a blog page, the podcast area, and some must be at events scattered throughout.

Overall this website it pretty interesting and has some great tidbits that will get the travel bug itchin! For me this would be a startin off point, then I would need to go somewhere else to set up the travel package, and then I would probably pick up a more in-depth travel guide for the trip. Not bad though I will definitely keep it in my Google reader and check back occasionally to see what’s up.

I give this site 3 out of 5 Smart Gals.

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