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What’s that you say….the in between blog??

That’s right boys and girls it is a new toy!!

Posterous is not a micro-blog like Twitter or Plurk, it is not a big blog like Blogger, WordPress, or Typepad it is the in between blog. Comparable to the story of Goldilocks, it is like mama bear’s bed it fits perfectly because it is not too big and not too small. Also like mama bear it cleans up after you too. You send a blurb with attachments and within seconds, let me say that again-within seconds they email you a link to your organized post.

Welcome to Posterous. It’s the easiest way to post anything online using email. Are you tired of working countless hours getting your blog posts just right well now you can email anything to, attach photos, video, MP3‘s, and files they reply instantly (within seconds) with your new posterous at

Launched in July 2008, this fairly new startup looks to be growing rather quickly. They are also adding cool new features as fast as they can think them up.

  • Image Gallery Creation
  • Post to everywhere…including your existing blog, with just an email
  • Subscription to your your Posterous
  • Email Alerts
  • Video encoding
  • Custom Domains
  • Quick Commenting
  • Read my mind, post, email me when it’s done (just kidding but that would be cool)

So that’s it…take a few pictures or record a video, write a few words, and email it over to posterous they will take care of the rest. The posts are clean, simple, and well structured just what you are looking for in a post that is larger than 140 characters but smaller than 300+ words. For those perfectionists out there you can go back in and edit if you feel the need to.

After you finish reading this, just fire an email to to make your first post. Let me know what your link is I’d love to see your posterous….

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