Reactions to the Twitter Redesign

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Twitter started rolling out it’s facelift in January but the change went site-wide on Monday, February 3rd. The change was meant to reflect the look and feel of Twitter’s iOs and Android apps and encourage seamless use between Twitter on the web and on the phone. The change has of course been met with a variety of reactions:

Any kind of change to a social media platform is usually met with some amount of resistance.

The Twitter redesign however is more aesthetic than it is functional. The black navigation bar has been replaced by a lighter and slightly larger design. The navigational elements — Connect, Discover, and so on — still remain the same. Users can also slightly change the appearance of their profile. Under settings you can modify the color of your links as well as your profile color overlay.

If you truly are not a fan of the redesign you can check out this Safari extension to change the color of the top bar back to black.

What do you think of the new Twitter design? Is it a fresher? frustrating? Are you already used to it?

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