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Facebook is constantly testing its system and how users operate on Facebook. Facebook masterminds then use those results to make changes that will maximize user engagement on the site.

Here are some of the most recent changes and tests to the Facebook News Feed:

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  • More high-quality news articles and interest stories: After noticing more clicks on high-quality articles and fewer clicks to meme photos on websites outside of Facebook, Facebook’s been working on distinguishing high-quality articles from other content. Facebook’s goal is to put more of these articles in user’s News Feeds so that users will have the latest news, sports, or other interest pieces that appeal most to them. To keep you connected to stories you like, Facebook will also offer links to similar stories whenever you click on an article in your News Feed. [Source]
  • More visible new comments on stories: To keep users in the loop with their friends, Facebook is recirculating stories from friends that have new comments. This change will help users see what their friends are saying about a story that’s already been read by bringing that story back into the News Feed with the new comments highlighted. [Source]

New, upcoming changes:

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  • More text-based updates from friends, fewer from Pages: Facebook will start showing more text-based status updates from friends in the News Feed but will decrease text-based updates from Pages. According to Facebook, when users see more text-based status updates in their News Feed, those users increase the number of status updates that they write themselves. One Facebook test demonstrated this effect when the daily status updates increased by 9 million after seeing more text-based updates from friends. However, Pages updates do not have the same effect, so text-based updates will decrease for Pages but other types of stories may see increased circulation. Therefore, link-shares and similar content may increase for Pages. [Source]

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  • Trending: Trending is a new effort to provide easy access to interesting and popular content. To the right of your News Feed, you’ll see a list of topics that have had sudden increases in popularity. The list will be directed toward your interests, as well as what is trending in general on Facebook. You can click on any topic to see posts from friends of Pages about that hot topic.


 What changes would you like to see Facebook make? Let us know in the comments section!

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