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When Facebook launched Graph Search in January, it started with indexing people, photos, places, and interests, says It let you find people based on certain characteristics, browse specific sets of photos, find local businesses, and discover media and brands your friends enjoy. Facebook has launched the search engine from beta to full fledged product for everyone to use since then. Now, facebook’s next goal is making almost anything you post accessible via Graph Search. That includes status updates, comments on anything, photo captions, Notes, and check-ins. Sorry, no events just yet.

Think about the all of the cool things users can do with this updated search engine. Wondering what people are saying about the world series? What about just your friends? What do your old photo comments say about you? A trillion posts full of this info start getting unlocked as Facebook begins rolling out Graph Search for its users. Everything on your timeline will be searchable by anyone with permission to see it. Depending on your past content, this could be a fun or embarrassing feature. On the plus side, at least you will eventually be able to look up what you once said. Facebook has never really had this feature until now.

Facebook is losing in seach engagement to Twitter right now, but Graph Search aims to even the score.”If Facebook can convince users there’s more going on than what’s immediately visible in their News Feeds, it could get them spending more time on the site meeting each other, discussing the day’s events, and getting the pulse of the planet,” says, “that could let Facebook accomplish its goals of connecting the world while finding more ways to pay for all the servers that host our digital lives.”



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