Sexy Bluetooth That Proves Crime Does Pay

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I know, I know women can make an accessory out of anything!!

Hear me out here though. Now that it is mandatory to be hands free while driving, I really think that we need to discuss stylizing the Bluetooth. I know you think I am just being a girl, but there is one company that not only agrees with me, but is already capitalizing on the changing laws.

The company is Aliph, the product is the JAWBONE 2, and I have to say I like them a lot.

Let’s start with the name Jawbone…love it! They only have one product -in three different colors, a Bluetooth device that doesn’t fit on the jawbone. It goes around the ear but it points towards the jawbone. Do you see it now? I thought so, me too! Seriously it’s good branding, catchy and easy to remember.

Next we move into the very hip, stylish, and goes with so many of my outfits, necklaces, shoes, and handbags look. Oh yeah it looks like it walked out of Gucci, Prada, or a Louis Vuitton store doesn’t it?


Note: The first one had a few issues, with charging and it was too bulky, but # 2 (a lot like Aliens compared to Alien) is getting better reviews.

Now aside from being just to die for cute, this product is actually pretty high tech. Oh yeah, Sexy and Smart. It has a patented VAS and an Advanced DSP Algorithm, no it can’t drive you to work, what that means is it has a voice activity sensor and NoiseAssassin (I know that should be two words, talk to them it’s their trademark) technology. In plain English now – it detects the frequency of your speech, even in the presence of noise, and then assassinates the background noise so the listener only hears you. The whole NoiseAssassination Algorithm thing, they say was developed for DARPA (Defense) but, is now available for the common folk. Check out the DEMO.

Finally the cashing in on crime thing, I know it’s in the title and you were wondering what that was about, well they have this area on their website that helps those poor unfortunates that have gotten caught by mister law talking on the phone, by discounting their Bluetooth purchase.

Here’s the Ticket Processor:image

If you’re busted breaking the Hands Free Law, JAWBONE will help soften the blow.

How? When you buy a new JAWBONE online we’ll deduct $20 from the purchase price. (The phones are $129)

Why? Because having a conversation shouldn’t be a crime.

So now the Smart Gals:

Smll Smart Gal Smll Smart Gal Smll Smart Gal Smll Smart Gal Smll Smart Gal

5 out of 5 Smart Gals on this one! Was there ever a doubt!!

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