Shoots and Leaves turns your photos into a To-Do’s

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Like many of us, you probably find yourself sometimes with a camera roll cluttered with all sorts of photos for all sorts of purposes. Just released in the App Store, Shoots & Leaves lets you simply shoot a photo and create a link to the photo for you to use anyway you want – like To-Do’s. Take a picture with Shoots & Leaves, and it gets uploaded to a hosting service. The app gets a link to the uploaded photo and does “something” with it. You just decide what that something is. Some  of these actions include: Creating a reminder; Sending a text message; Sending an email; Copying to the clipboard; and Opening it in Safari.

Shoots & Leaves is ready to take a photo every time you open the app since the camera screen is always open for quick picture taking.  Each photo you take is automatically uploaded to an image hosting service. After uploading, the app generates a link to the photo, which is then sent to the selected action, says Shoots & Leaves also supports sending to third-party apps, including Omnifocus and Drafts (more coming soon). You can set up multiple image hosts and multiple actions. Most actions have a template you can use to configure how the data will look when it’s passed forward. It’s great for photos that are to-do items and don’t need to be saved forever. Shoot, then leave. Easy as that.

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