Smart Homes, Smart Watches, and Robots (oh my!): 5 Hot Technology Products of CES 2014

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CES 2014: Smart Technology and New Innovations May Soon Change the Way We Live, Work, and Play


Although we don’t have access to a fortune-telling crystal ball, the Consumer Electronics Show certainly gives us a telling glimpse at what may be. At CES 2014, it was apparent that our devices are getting smarter and that innovators are making products that do more with less effort. Smart home technology is a popular feature at the showcase, but there are also products to innovate the way we work and play. Here are five exciting technology products showcased at CES 2014:

1. Panono Camera Ball

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If photography and recreation had a child, it would be Panono’s new camera. The spherical camera captures 360-degree panoramic images through the use of 36 lenses taking a picture simultaneously. Here’s the catch: you throw the ball in the air. When the Panono camera ball reaches its peak, 36 images are taken at once and automatically sent to an image-stitching service to instantly create the 360-degree image. The image can then be viewed with Panono’s app or a browser. The final product will be made with a hard plastic, but you may want to practice your catching skills before buying this camera!

2. Pebble Steel Smartwatch

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Watches to track time, distance, steps taken, or calories burned have become a staple for many to track their health and fitness goals. It’s easy to see the progression into the world of smart watches, watches that can basically put a computer on your wrist. The problem, however, is that smart watches often have sporty designs that don’t appeal to everyone. The Pebble Steel Smartwatch changes that. Their new design in 2014 resembles the classic metal watch; when you enable a traditional-looking watchface, you may not even tell a difference at first glance. This new smart watch design is now attractive enough to be worn in the office or out to dinner.

3. Keecker Robot

Image Keecker robot                                                                    [Image Source]

This egg-shaped device may remind you of the futuristic feel of the Jetsons, but this Keecker robot is designed to have continual entertainment as you move from room to room. No matter where you walk in the house, Keecker can follow you and project video onto the walls and even the ceiling. Want to watch Netflix or YouTube while doing chores around the house? The Keecker robot would make sure you don’t miss a minute of your program. Keecker will virtually map your house, know which walls to project video on, and will respond to voice commands. It will also work to make calls via Skype and to take pictures when you host guests. (Just be sure to pat Keecker and say, “Good robot!”)

 4. Samsung Flexible (and foldable?) Displays

Samsung Flexible Display                                                                    [Image Source]

Samsung Flexible Displays 2                                                                    [Image Source]

Smart technology certainly makes life easier, but some devices can be a bulk to carry around. What if you could fold up your phone in your wallet? Or if your tablet could fold to fit into your pocket? Technology is getting closer and closer to these innovations. While Samsung has released prototypes for flexible displays, the company hosted a secret showcase at CES 2014 for the Samsung Foldable AMOLED Display with touchscreen technology. While we wait for the foldable technology to become a reality, the super-flexible displays pictured above could go commercial as early as 2015.

5. Samsung Smart Home

Smart Home                                                                    [Image Source]

Samsung’s Smart Home app works toward the concept of a complete smart home that can be controlled by your wireless devices, whether you are home or away. Forgot to start the washer? Start if from your cell phone while you’re running errands. Want the oven to be preheated before you get home? Do it on your tablet before you leave work.  Plus, devices may also feature a place to pop in your smart phone or tablet. Pop your tablet into the oven, for example, and cook step-by-step with those TV chefs. Just be prepared for your appliances to soon be geniuses.

Ready to grab your tech of the future? Better start making your plans (and saving your money)— the future may get here sooner than you think!

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