Social Media Day San Diego

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It’s official. June 30, 2012, is Social Media Day San Diego.

Dedicating a day to social media is only one milestone as we advance in this social media revolution. Social Media Day extends well beyond the San Diego region; it’s an international celebration.

Social media has been breaking down barriers of traditional media outlets and establishing a more social dialogue. We’re constantly adding various connections and expanding our digital networks.

Social Media Day is an opportunity to merge the online world and your local reality; it’s a chance to connect and engage offline with those that you do online. Social media is about creating and fostering lasting relationships, and that’s exactly what this event aims to achieve. Social Media Day reduces the noise and clutter from all of your online profiles and places an emphasis on your local community.

Be a part of the social media revolution as it continues to unfold, and be there to participate in the live, Minglestream tweetwall to interact with others in attendance.

Social Media Day San Diego is a free event that will take place at the San Diego Marriott Marquis & Marina in the Marina Kitchen from 5-9 p.m. The event will include food, drinks, prizes and more!

Tips Before Attending Social Media Day San Diego

  • RSVP if possible (not necessary)
  • Remember the hashtag for the event: #SMdaySD
  • Start connecting with those planning to attend today!
  • “Like” Social Media Day San Diego on Facebook 
  • Follow Social Media Day San Diego on Twitter: @SMdaySD

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