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Today I have decided to do my first blog & website review, I have held off thus far because though I feel I know everything about everything, I am still in research mode when it comes to the blogsphere. I also just enjoy blogging and the interaction within the blog community and I don’t want to lose that with my tactless reviews. Yes it’s self preservation that motivates me-I am not afraid to admit it!

Lucky for me I am picking a blog & website that I like, so this will be a good review. Drum roll please….who is the lucky duck getting the Smart Gals today? Anticipation, are you ready for it, you’ll never guess….ok it’s Tim Fox over there at Sogeshirts.

Sogeshirts blog

Tim has a t-shirt company and a hysterical blog to accompany his t-shirt website. From a business standpoint, Tim is bit luckier than most because his shirts and his blog work well together. What I mean by that is, if your business has more of a corporate platform your blog in most cases must mimic or target that profile, which equates to an informational rather than a super personal-say what ever you want blog.

Let’s start with Tim’s blog (by the way if a word is underlined it is linked to a website in most cases) it’s hysterical! I absolutely know that when I check it out it’s going to make me laugh. Now that is a bit of a double edged sword, to be funny all of the time is not easy. In most cases you will find that the humor comes and goes or must be supplemented by someone or something external. Tim is unique in that his humor is all inside, he takes external stimuli and pulls it into what I would call Soge’s world. (If you use that Tim, I want some kind of royalty payout!)

There are blogs out there that share funny pictures, videos, stories, jokes, etc. add in a bit of their own commentary and it’s some great stuff. I am one of those people that can spot something funny add a “witty” little comment and share-that is perfectly acceptable. But then there are those people that take som

ething that maybe didn’t start off funny and make it hysterical-that’s Tim.

Here are a few posts I really like, in no particular order and I could fill this blog post up with a lot more:

  • M. Night Shyamalan effect
  • Founding fathers: a present day conversation
  • Dr. Phil on Sesame Street
  • The Second most interesting man in the world
  • Mr. Potatohead vs. Plastic Surgery
  • Now let’s discuss the t-shirt website (This is where Tim may regret letting me do this review) first I am going to say he doesn’t promote it enough. Now I know for the hardcore bloggers your blog is about being real, sharing your opinions and/or life experiences, and keeping annoying advertising out if possible-but for Tim I think the shirts and the blog posts would compliment each other.

    It took me a month to check out his shirts and really they are as funny as his blog posts. The ones I like, again in no particular order, and there are more:

    Second and my last recommendation-thank heavens right, is you may want to think about splitting into two websites, the funny, obnoxious, over the top site and the kid, cutesy, teacher, artwork site. The demographics are really different and you will find that the second target market (wholesome funny) will never get past the the first (not easily offended funny). That’s just my opinion though.

    The tag line for the t-shirt company is “Soge Shirts You’ll Get Noticed!“, that is a great tag line and absolutely true, their shirts are as funny as their blog. So go check out Tim’s blog and don’t be afraid to delve into the archive, there is some good stuff in there! Then go buy a t-shirt because if you are honest with yourself you couldn’t think up this stuff on your own, and you know that being noticed is at the top of your list!!

    Now the rating…5 out 5 Smart Gals:

    Smll Smart Gal Smll Smart Gal Smll Smart Gal Smll Smart Gal Smll Smart Gal

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