Sumpto: Klout for colleges

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Much like Klout, Sumpto is a service that measures the social influence of college students. Sumpto is a community of college influencers who receive free stuff and exclusive access based on their Sumpto Score. A Sumpto score is a measurement of a student’s social influence on various social networks and on campus. The higher a person’s Sumpto Score, the more Rewards they will be eligible to claim. Users can raise their Sumpto score by connecting social networks, completing a short questionnaire, showing which school they go to and engaging with followers online.

The idea is to create a tool that can measure the top social media influencers on college campuses and that adds equal value for both students and brands. Sumpto helps brands to identify these social media influencers by analyzing a number of signals, like Twitter followers, Facebook friends and so on. According to,  “whether or not Klout is an apt comparison for Sumpto, college students represent over $120 billion in annual discretionary spending and, by coming up with a way to measure student influence and a network to help share that influence, Sumpto could be well-positioned to tap into that huge (and coveted) collegiate market.”

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