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We are starting a new segment on The Get Smart Blog….Sunday Spotlight. We will be putting the spotlight on businesses, blogs, individuals, etc. that we feel deserve a little bit of attention.

This week’s company is Soge Shirts a t-shirt company run by a couple of guys, Tim Fox and David Cree, from San Diego California. We did an I Love You Man post about Tim, his blog, and his site back in June 2008 and in only 7 months I have seen a lot changes for this company and its owners.

I really like knowing the motivation behind why people do what they do, according to the Soge Shirts site Tim and Dave create humorous shirts for the following reasons.

We wanted to create fun shirts that would break the ice with your Catholic school teacher, make bus travelers laugh, start a conversation, end a conversation, and allow pick pockets to grab your wallet.

I wish I had had a few of these shirts when I was in Catholic school, it wouldn’t have broken the ice but it would have made all those times I spent in detention a little more interesting!

The Soge Shirt Ts are all that a great t-shirt collection should be; crude, mocking, funny, intelligent, and even cute. Not sure how they got into the cute chick and kid ts but they manage to do them well. I have included a few of my favorite shirts, notice the first one….for those of you that spend a great deal of time on the social networks you know what that bird represents. Sometimes trying to keep up with your social buddies leaves you feeling like that poor little bird, I will own one of those shirts soon!

A few of my other favorite shirts

Aside from the t-shirts the thing that really impresses me about these guys is their willingness to learn, grow, and improve.

As Benjamin Franklin once said…

“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.”

In the time that I have known the Soge Shirts guys they have built a successful blog, a well rounded social media presence, and they are constantly updating and improving their website to meet their customers needs. If you are a Twitter buddy of Tim’s, then you already know what a genuinely nice and helpful guy he is, if you aren’t a buddy of his you should be. On top of having that entrepreneur spirit these guys have the all important community building spirit. Soge Shirts participates in forums, chats, networks, and community building for their company, but also for their industry. They seem to understand that by connecting with and helping the t-shirt community they not only help others but they help themselves as well.

All too often business owners feel that they need to stay as far away from their competition as possible, and though this practice is understandable, it is short sited and not always in the best interest of your company. By networking within your industry you improve your industry as a whole, which fuels growth for your industry and ultimately yourself. There are enough consumers out there for all of us, and though a business is in your industry they may not be a direct competitor. We do not all have the same target market. Focus on your product, your customer service, how well you are connecting with your customer base, and the success will come.

So go check out the Soge Shirt’s ts at, I assure there is something there for everyone!

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