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These techie tools have been a godsend for me, they are fast and most importantly easy to use. In anything I do I like to prioritize and systematize my efforts, usually the first time you do something it takes forever to figure it out, but any future efforts should then be quick and automatic. The sources listed below make my website, social sites, and blog site a snap to keep up on.

Smart PDF Converter – Smart PDF Converter is both easy to use and powerful. If you only want to convert documents, and don’t want to fuss with complex settings, you can select the file you want to convert and click the Convert button. And you’re finished. Smart PDF Converter is that fast and easy. If you are an advanced user who wants more flexibility, you can set various conversion modes. You can select settings that determine whether the output document is easier to edit or strictly represents the original layout. You can also choose to extract the images from the PDF file, publish the file on the Internet, and more. The Pro version converts your edited documents back to the PDF file format. The software supports any printable document format.

You Convert It – Free! Convert any media file format (Documents, Images, Audio, Video & Archives) without buying or installing anything on your PC., conversion source, file storage, units conversion website allowing Internet users to convert audio video images and documents into an array of formats also sending or delivering file(s).’s service is free, instant, and does not require any tedious download and software installations.

Html Converter – Discovery Vip has tons of useful online tools for your websites, social sites, or blog pages, one great tool is their online html converter. The tool they offer allows you to take your word or text documents and turn them into HTML text to post on your website, MySpace page, or blog page. The tool is quick, easy, and free. Use it as often as you need to.

Photobucket – Photobucket is great for creating picture collages and photo albums to put on your social sites and websites but it is also great for converting marketing flyer’s into html for Craigslist, Ebay, and other sites that you may want to showcase items on with a little more flash.

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