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With everything else that we have to do as business owners and professionals, creating expense reports has to be one of the most tedious. I have piles of receipts, credit card statements, and a plethora of good intentions to get it all into organized reports. I have had these good intentions since the first quarter of 2008.

Well now I may have found a way to turn my unrealized goals into completed tasks, Expensify is a free online service (it’s in Beta, so I am not sure how long it will be free) that will take your mishmash of credit card statements and receipts and put them into an understandable and reimbursable report.

The thing I love about this site, is the ease by which you can get this all done. It starts with linking your credit cards online so the statements can automatically be downloaded. Then Expensify will create eReceipts for any purchases under $75 – I love that! Don’t fret though, for purchases over $75 you can upload receipts via email or cameraphone. That’s right you can take a picture of the receipt right then and there and send it in. Finally, you drag and drop receipts that were uploaded to the applicable charge and then click to create your report.

5 Steps to Expensing

Link your Business Cards

Upload your Receipts

Match Receipts to Charges

Create your Report

Get Reimbursed

Check out the Expensify video…

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