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Monday is my day to set the tone for the rest of the week!

So show a little inspiration/ show a little spark/ show the world a little act when you show it your heart/ we’ve got two lives–one we’re given,/ and the other one we make/ and the world won’t stop/ and actions speak louder/ listen to your heart. ~Mary-Chapin Carpenter

The way we look at Monday’s can be with resignation because we know that it means 5 days of work, or we can look at Monday with anticipation because it means 5 days of work! In order to do the latter you of course need to like your work, or like the people you work with, or in the very least like the life your work affords you?

Each day is an opportunity to make a difference (I know cliche much? But it’s true). To affect change you do not need to act in a grand scale, it can be as simple as making someone smile.

So how are you going to set the tone today?

Well in my search I stumbled upon a great website (literally it was on Stumbleupon-Thank you Tindink!) that I think charges the imagination, fuels the creative juices, and just makes you smile…

The Funny Web I am not sure why they call it the funny web, there are some funny pictures but most of the artists, photographers, and authors are just amazing not necessarily humorous. Well whatever the case this website is truly incredible, so go check out these awe inspiring images.

These are just a few of the artists who’s work is posted on this site:

Painting by Archann


Photos by Julio Segura

Julio Segura

Cool photos by David Doubilet

David Doubilet

If I have made Monday just a little bit easier for you, then I have reached my goal for today-and if I do nothing else today it will still be a very productive day!!



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