Three North County San Diego Chambers of Commerce Help Businesses Get Social with Educational Workshops

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Social Media Workshops

San Diego, California – North County San Diego Chambers of Commerce in Oceanside, Carlsbad, and Vista will be starting 2010 off focused on helping small and medium business owners and professionals get educated on social media and its use in business marketing.

The rise of Web 2.0 content and community interaction is changing marketing operations – making businesses and their marketing efforts more efficient and customer-centric. Real-time marketing allows businesses to better understand and quickly respond to the movements of the market on both individual and strategic levels.

Brand interaction with consumers via new media has gone from a nice-to-have to a need-to-have over the years, a development supported by research from Cone Inc.

According to;

More than one-half of new media users (53%) believe brands should have a presence in new media, interacting with consumers as needed or by request only, while a further 36% demand a new media presence with regular interaction.

Contact with brands is still popular through both traditional online and newer channels, with 58% of respondents interacting with companies through e-mail and 45% through Websites, compared with just 30% communicating with brands via social networks.

New media contact with companies and brands fosters goodwill in a majority of users, with at least seven in 10 respondents reporting positive impressions, stronger connections and a greater willingness to engage with the company.

The Social Media and Technology focused workshops will start January 18th, 2010 and run through March 24th 2010 from 8 am to 10 am. The workshops are weekly, 2 hours long, and include a comprehensive step by step booklet.


Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce January 18th – March 1st, 2010

Oceanside Chamber of Commerce January 26th – March 23rd, 2010

Vista Chamber of Commerce January 27th – March 23rd, 2010

Topics include:

Introduction to Social Media (Vista Chamber only)

Business Blogging and Article Writing
Link Up on LinkedIn and Beyond
Building Business on Facebook
Twitter Your Way to More Business
Video Marketing
Google Ads and Adwords
Mobile Marketing
Email Marketing
Making It all Work (Marketing Plan)

The speaker Bridget Ayers, is co-founder and president of the Get Smart Web Consulting Group, a web presence and digital strategy firm with offices in San Diego County, California and Collier County, Florida. Bridget Ayers consults, directs, and manages interactive marketing campaigns for businesses and organizations that are looking to reach a wider more targeted audience.

Bridget has organized and conducted social media and training workshops for Chambers of Commerce throughout the United States, various business networks and organizations, corporations, as well as women and non-profit focused groups.

To the delight of their members the Oceanside and Carlsbad Chambers of Commerce began offering these classes in the third and fourth quarter of 2009, with sold out attendance. Due to the response and feedback of their members the chambers have chosen to continue offering the classes in 2010, as well as adding new ones to keep up with the ever changing world of digital marketing.

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Bridget is President of The Get Smart Web Consulting Group, a web presence and digital strategy firm with offices in San Diego County California and Collier County Florida. But more importantly she is a web, tech, and Twitter addict!