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I know Friday is still part of the work week… so the relaxing does not start until after you get out of work, but if we are being honest you are already thinking about your great weekend aren’t you? You probably started thinking about it on Wednesday or maybe even Monday if last weekend was any good.

So what’s on the agenda?

The perfect weekend for me is a combination of exercise, exploration, and pampering. I am a tech girl which means I often use tech tools and gadgets to help me facilitate my Zen weekends. Here are just a few of the resources I use to create that perfect weekend.

Smart Activity List


Meetup is great for business, but it is also a wonderful resource for leisure. You can peruse your local area, or if you are traveling and want to find activities in a new location you can just hop on and start searching.

Extreme Things

If you want to try something different Extreme Things has 65 unique experiences that include action sports, outdoor adventure, and differentiated leisure-time activities. This site focuses mostly in the Southern California and Nevada regions.


journeyPod is a place to learn, share, and discuss the secrets of the travel and nightlife scene. They focus on the trendiest bars and restaurants, the most luxurious boutique hotels, and the most exclusive parties and shops for discriminating travelers.


TravelPod allows people to share their trips using an online travel blog ( also known as a travel diary, travel journal or travelogue ). This is a great resource, through reading others adventures you can get the inside scoop on a particular destination spot or better yet find a new and interesting places to visit.

Smart Pamper List


Spas are expensive, so it’s a good idea to do your research. Here you’ll find some of the best spas the world has to offer. Best Spas provides links to the articles on the best destination spas, best budget spas, and best resort and hotel spas. For more depth, click on Best Spas in the US and Canada, Best Day Spas, and Best Spas By Specialty.


When you go to a hotel you ask the concierge for recommendations right? Well now you don’t have to be a guest at a hotel they have a website. Their tools and resources section is great for doing a little research and their travel awards area is great for finding the best in just about any category.

Smart Reading List


You can search through Amazon for reading material by name, category, genre, or reading list. If you want the top or best business, social, political, travel, or how-to reading list Amazon has got it.

Time Magazine’s All Time 100 Novels

Lev Grossman and Richard Lacayo pick 100 best English-language novels from 1923 to the present.

Book Critics Circle Blog

Commentary on literary criticism, publishing, writing, and all things NBCC related. NBCC is the non-profit organization of book critics responsible for the yearly National Book Critics Circle Awards. This blog does a best recommended list that not only lists the book but gives some in-depth analysis into the content, author, and genre.

The Online Library of Liberty

These Reading Lists have been created by users of the OLL website for a variety of purposes. Some have been created by professors and teachers for use in their classes and courses. Others are lists of someone’s favorite books. This is a brainy book list.

Smart Bitches Trashy Books

I may have picked this site because of the name, and their tag line All of the romance, none of the bullshit, but in all actuality a smart reading list does not have to make you smarter, sometimes it just needs to allow you to let go for a little while.

Smart Playlist


This site allows people to quickly and easily create and share lists of all types and subjects. Whether it’s lists of bests, worsts, how-to, facts, they offer a broad range of categories that include news, sports, politics, entertainment, travel, and that’s just in the first couple of pages. If you are looking for songs to put in a playlist ListAfterList’s music section is a good place to start.


An online community where close to 40 million music fans create and share music playlists. You can create a playlist to put on a website or just to play on your computer.


Bluebeat has a killer playlist section that covers just about every genre, category, or mood you want to cater to. When you are scrolling through the lists click on the title to hear the music or click on the i to view the artists and songs on that particular playlist.


We can’t leave out iTunes of course. Once you know what you want on your iPod this is the place to go to get the tunes, but you can also use the Just For You section to find new music that is “ingeniously” geared towards your interests. iTunes has also implemented the Genius, which goes through your music library, your buying habits, and then recommends music and playlists to put that music in.

Well I am certainly ready for the weekend, I hope this helps you get prepared also, and as always if you have information on one of these sites or an even better site I would love to hear about it.

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