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Recently, I attended a networking event hosted by the Women’s Global Network and as usual I met some very interesting ladies, one in particular was Andrea Susan Glass. Andrea is a ghostwriter and the owner of Writers Way, where she helps those in the personal and professional development industries create educational material.

After our initial meeting at the Women’s Global Networking event Andrea and I agreed to meet again, I was intrigued by ghostwriting and she wanted more information on blogging and social networking. Before meeting with Andrea I checked out her blog and her website, both sites have a clearly defined purpose, are informative, and easy to navigate. When it comes to a website these descriptors mean the website is doing its job, however for a blog we need to cover a few more areas.

So let’s take a look at both…

On the Writers Way website Andrea details the what, why, and how of her services in a well organized and easy to navigate format:

Writers Way transforms ideas into info-products—so you can have your e-book, book, e-course, or CD earning passive income for your service-based business in just a few short weeks!

We write and edit these information products:

▪ Books
▪ Reports & White papers
▪ E-books
▪ Teleclass & Webinar content
▪ E-courses
▪ Workbooks & Manuals

We write and edit these marketing materials:

▪ Articles
▪ E-zines & Newsletters
▪ Blog posts
▪ Press releases
▪ Websites

On the Writers Way Blog Andrea continues where her website left off by giving more detail into what informational products are, why you should want to create one or many, and how you can do it.

I really like how Andrea broke down the what/why:

What if you had information products…

▪ to promote your expertise & knowledge (trust)
▪ to increase your credibility & visibility (brand)
▪ to attract new prospects & clients (business)
▪ to create passive income streams (profits)
▪ to share ideas that can change people’s lives (mission)

The reason Andrea wanted to meet with me was to get more information on building her internet presence, so when I look at someone’s website and blog I look at the appealing and not so appealing aspects to get a better idea of how to help them.

I had a lot of questions, first to help her with her with her blog and website and also because I am just a curious person. This question and answer session is not verbatim but will give you the gist of our conversation.

Q. What does a ghostwriter do?

A. In a nutshell, a ghostwriter can take what someone knows and write a book for them or take someone’s pre-written material and edit into a book.

Q. How does the ghostwriting process work?

A. If you are writing the material from scratch, there is time set aside for interviews and possibly research. If you are editing there is the initial interview and then you sit down and edit the material.

Q. What types of questions do you ask your clients?

A. What is the goal or intention for you (the writer)?

What is the promise to the reader, what will the reader have learned when they are finished with your book?

There is also discussion on the format of the material, broken down into chapters, and chapter outlines.

Example of a chapter outline:





Follow Up

Q. Where should an aspiring writer start?

A. It depends on the person, the material, and the goal, but you can start small and then build your product funnel.

Q. What is a product funnel?

A. A product funnel can look like this with each product building or growing into the next


E-Book + CD



3 Day Seminar


Q. How much does it cost?

A. Writing a 300-500 page book is $75/page so 300 pages would be $22,500. The editing is more like .02/word so a 400 word page would be $8, and a 100-page book would be $800. These prices are all negotiable because first and foremost is the relationship–can we work together and do we have similar values and styles of communication. Next is to work with the person’s budget, so I am flexible. I want us both to be happy!

Q. How long does it take?

A. That is contingent again on whether it is a writing or editing project. If you are writing the material for the client, you have to schedule meetings to get the information, and possibly spend time researching, then put it all together. Edits take only about 5 minutes a page. Ghostwriting takes about one hour/page with writing, research and editing.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Andrea. In person Andrea is a wealth of information and she shares that information in such an engaging and easy to understand way. Which was pleasantly surprising since I did not get that same feeling when I visited her blog….there is good stuff on the blog it just needs to be tweaked a bit.

Blog Advice

The Writer’s Way blog has three areas that need to be worked on to engage a loyal readership, those are content, format, and personalization.

My advise for Andrea on her blog was to start taking some of her vast knowledge to create blog posts that give pointers on how to start down the info-product road. Andrea also needs to bring more of who she is and what she is interested in into her blog, and finally she needs to get on some good social sites to meet people.

Step One – Content: You know those posts we all love so much; 5 Steps to….., 10 Ways You Can….., 3 Things Not to Do When……., these would be great on The Writers Way blog. It will bring the do it yourself and do it for me people right to her doorstep.

Step Two – Format: The blog needs to have more distinct categories, perhaps breaking topics into info-products, marketing/networking material, and off-topic personal posts. Also each blog post needs have its own url for easier access, backlinking, and better page ranking.

Step Two – Personalize: People initially do business with people they like, they continue to do business with those they like and are good at what they do. Andrea is an interesting person, she has an intriguing profession, and she is part of some great real world networking groups she could bring all of this into her blog.

For those of you that have a wealth of information that could be shared with others, I would head on over to Andrea’s website and get her advice on how to turn that knowledge into a sellable product.

For those of you that just like to meet interesting people and understand what it’s like to be new in the blogsphere, drop on by her blog and say hello.

According to Andrea I need to get working on my info-product funnel, apparently I have a lot to share. So I will let you all know when I come out with my first Get Smart Women E-Book….

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