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From government lockouts to grumpy cats, Twitter is the perfect resource for quick news, public discussion, and real-time updates. However, if you are not interesting in the now, twitter may be leaving you hanging. Even with the all-mighty hashtag, searching twitter can be a bit of a process. If only there were a way to search through your history for tweets on a specific topic. Enter Topsy…

According to MashableTopsy, a San Francisco-based social-analytics company, aims to change that. Topsy is one of a small handful of companies that offer advanced Twitter search tools for the microblogging network’s entire stream, known as the Twitter “firehose.” In a post from their blog, Topsy announced “, Topsy Pro, and Topsy APIs now offer the entire history of public tweets on Twitter, dating back to the first-ever tweet by Jack Dorsey in March 2006. ” That is about 425 billion pieces of content when you include photos, pages linked from Twitter, and other related material, says the New York Times. With the new twitter history search, you can narrow down results by time frame, search for tweets in 10 languages, and see a graph with the volume of tweets over time and an indicator of the general sentiment, positive or negative.

Those most excited for this new search feature are journalists and Topsy’s users who work for businesses that need to mine Twitter for valuable information. We don’t expect the average joe to make major use of out of the search system, however, the new feature is still fun for looking up things like Justin Bieber’s first tweets or the first tweet ever!


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