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Twitter and TechCrunch is there a Conspiracy??


JD Rucker aka Oboy (You can find JD’s profiles here)

Watergate Scandal

Social Blade Show (Show discussing Social Media Topics – Thursday Evenings 7 pm PST)

The Drill Down (Show discussing Tech Topics – Friday Evenings 8:30 pm PST)

The Drill Down Podcast 7/20 (We discuss TwitterGate) Go Packers! 🙂

TwitterGate from Bridget Ayers on Vimeo.

This Video is just a bit of fun on our part but if you would like to read more about the Twitter Hack here are a few of the many sources you can find on the topic…..



Twitter Gets Hacked, Badly (First Hack January 2009)

Twitter’s Internal Strategy Laid Bare: To Be “The Pulse Of The Planet” (TechCrunch reveals some of the 300 documents)


Twitter Hacked, Secrets to be Revealed? – PC World (Before documents were released)

Will Twitter Sue TechCrunch? (Found this after we made the video, still think TwitterGate might be possible & it looks like others do too #twittergate)

NY Times

Twitter Hack Raises Flags on Security

Twitter Blog

Twitter, Even More Open Than We Wanted (Posturing to take away suspicion?)

Computer World

Report: Hacker broke into Twitter e-mail with help from Hotmail (‘Hacker Croll’ spills details to TechCrunch) Deep Throat?

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