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It’s hard to overlook the power that a great online video can have. It’s a power that has been harnessed by musicians to be discovered (ever heard of Justin Bieber?), by businesses to sell a product, or by regular people who explode across the Internet with the next video trend.

For individuals and companies who use online videos to market, build a brand, provide entertainment, or boost online presence, effective video distribution is a must. With many different social channels, file specifications, and viewership data to sort through, somebody should just make something to manage it all in one place! Oh, wait… that’s where OneLoad enters the scene.



OneLoad is a video distribution tool that makes online video sharing easy by allowing users to upload a video once but distribute it to multiple sites, including YouTube, Tumblr, Vimeo, Hulu, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

OneLoad aims to make distribution, analytics, and management of online video content easy and insightful. With OneLoad, you can send videos to multiple sites without multiplied effort, boost your video SEO, and manage your metadata, all while tracking your progress and keeping an eye on current trends and competition. Check out OneLoad’s capabilities below:

OneLoad sites


Easy Distribution

  • Create and automate customized video distribution destinations.
  • Automatically have your file matched with the correct file type for your online video destinations.
  • Create custom feeds for Yahoo!, iTunes, and other MRSS feed readers.
  • Upload videos automatically via MRSS feed for launching large video quantities at one time.
  • Upload large files (>500 MB) to sites that allow it.

OneLoad chart


Insightful Analytics, Data Sharing, and Organization

  • Compare and contrast viewership information for your videos across sharing sites.
  • Receive insight into number of views, comments, and ratings over time for your videos.
  • See video views across all sites in one place.
  • Know when viewership spikes to gain insight for marketing efforts.
  • Email analytics charts to colleagues or embed them on your site.
  • Export data  for any period of time into Excel.
  • Set up a data feed to your specifications to gather your raw data.
  • Merge OneLoad data with other data sets.

Business Capabilities

  • Schedule times to distribute or remove videos automatically.
  • Upload, delete, or recall up to 10 videos at one time.
  • Store private notes for each video file to help with keyword tagging.
  • Track multiple shows or video producers with one account.
  • Create sub accounts to manage multiple profiles.
  • Group videos in a set to receive aggregated viewership data and analysis.
  • Recall and delete videos from any sharing site.
  • Add multiple users to an account and set individual access levels.

Want to try OneLoad?

OneLoad Account Options

As with most online tools these days, OneLoad offers different plans to fit different needs. Here are OneLoad’s three offered plans:

Free Plan
If you’re just looking to check out OneLoad, you can start with the Free Plan, which will get you 10 video deployments per month, 2 video uploads (up to 50 MB per video), transcoding (for uploading to different sites), thumbnail assist, and social cross-posting.

Pro Plan
With the Pro Plan, you’ll get 250 video deployments per month, 100 video uploads (up to 250 MB per video), and you’ll add on a few features, such as tracking competitors, recalling video, and advanced reporting.

Enterprise Plan
The Enterprise Plan is for businesses serious about online video sharing. Upload an unlimited number of videos with 500+ deployments per month (video size is unlimited), and gain features that enable you to manage multiple campaigns, to schedule video launches and recalls, to upload videos via MRSS feed, and to receive dedicated support.

OneLoad doesn’t include pricing for plans online, but click here to visit the OneLoad Plans page for details and contact information.


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