Vacationing Without Your Boss, Company, or Clients Knowing

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All of us with office jobs dream of vacations to sunny beaches and happy climes.  Sipping from a drink with an umbrella in it and lounging in a beach chair.  Ahhh, it feels warmer already.

Well, you don’t have to limit yourself to a one or two week a year getaway.  If you’re mobile and work from home (or an independent office) as often as you’re in the office with your boss, you can pull off an extra, sneaky, just-between-you-and-me vacation.

All you need is the right equipment and a little planning.  If you travel for your work at all, you’ve probably already got most of this and have much of the technique down.  If not, you can learn quickly right here.

Here’s the technology you’ll need:

A laptop/notebook computer

Internet access

A smart phone or iPhone

Some kind of dedicated phone number

The laptop/notebook and Internet access is fairly obvious, but make sure you have it.  Most hotels of any reputation now include high speed Internet with their rooms and many near beaches project their WiFi out to the water, even.  If your smart phone is WiFi-enabled, you can test the signal without having to carrying your computer around.

The smart phone or iPhone is also important because you’ll want to link it to your email address and/or any company-used chat services like Skype.  Make sure to remove the “sent from iPhone” or other signatures the phones add so you don’t give yourself away.

Along with the phone is a dedicated phone number.  It’s likely that your work uses either a telephone assigned to you, in which case you can probably forward the number, or a Telex system of some kind.  Either way, you should be able to forward the number to your portable phone if it’s not already there.  Lots of services will charge a nominal monthly fee for an 800 number that forwards to your cell, as another alternative.

Finally, don’t forget the sunblock!  Getting a tan will give you away for sure when you get back.  Oh, and don’t post pics of your trip to your social networking sites.  That’s another giveaway.  If you do post them, make sure they aren’t dated or labeled.

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See how easy it is to sneak off for a little vaca without alerting the boss or your clients? So, where are you going this summer?

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