Vine: What’s It All About?

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Twitter’s first standalone product, Vine claims to be “the best way to see and share life in motion” (via Vine’s Twitter bio) So what is Vine, exactly? It’s an application that can be downloaded on any device that allows users to create and view 6 second looping video.

So Why Do We Love It?

Vine continues to prove its’ innovation because it’s simple and easy to use. Simply touching the screen and holding down the recording button allows you to record footage. If you want to stop, let the button go. Now, because of Vine, creating a quick gif is as doable as posting a photo on Instagram.

Do You Like The Layout & Functionality of the Twitter App?

Then Vine is right up your alley; users can like and comment on other videos, tag using hashtags and follow users just like Twitter. Vine has all the same opportunities for its’ users to share and like content, but with a real life spin – actual video.

As social media lovers, the release of new app is always exciting. Downloading and testing it out, finding your Twitter friends, posting your initial content to see how your world looks through the window of a new application. In the social media world, “sharing is caring,” right? Vine provides us with one more platform to use to share our perspective and our day-to-day activities with friends everywhere.

In a TechCrunch article last month, well-known brands such as MLB, USA Today and CBS have posted Vines since the app was introduced. A 6-second teaser for the Wolverine trailer was posted on Vine that same week, making Vine a hot topic of discussion. View The Wolverine teaser here.

Will you become a Vine user? The app certainly brings a lot of exciting options to the social media world, including embedding videos onto the web and sharing like Instagram and Twitter but with new and exciting content.


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