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I just read a post on the So Cal Women of Arbonne’s blog page and I have to say it inspired me to write this post. The post is called Belief…What You Think About You Bring About written by Trish Kennedy. The title really says it all, the concept is not new and is seems to be growing in popularity every day, maybe there really is a shift in consciousness on the horizon. Oops, that kind of radical talk may get me thrown in with that Oprah cult. I better watch out Oprah’s cult may have me thinking that I can do anything I set my mind to, like become a successful multi-millionaire. Ouch who wants that? I better stay away! Sorry for the obnoxious rant I just get a bit worked up when people act like mindless idiotic sheep and spend their time knocking something positive that might help people.

Trish opens her blog with, ”Your life is not the result of the things you have done. It is the result of the things you have thought about.” So this next level thinking is saying that thoughts control your reality. Uh oh here comes that cult stuff! You can throw out the argument that people act contrary to their thoughts or have thoughts that never come to fruition all of the time. For example, a person that hates their job and continually day dreams about a hammock on the beach, but continues to go to work every day never getting the hammock on the beach. Yes, your thoughts are saying beach and your actions are saying work, but if we look deeper your thoughts are constantly negative and you use the beach as a dreamed escape, never really believing that you are going to make it there. So how can your life be positive? You probably do not get along with many people at work, haven’t had a raise since you started that miserable job, and you haven’t even thought about getting a job you might like! Thought “I am miserable and hate my job” result you are miserable and hate your job. Interesting how that works together isn’t it?
A new thought, “I want to go to a beach lay in a hammock for a week, and meet amazing people so I have a reason to go back next year.” Next thought; “Can I do that with this job?” Answer; “No” Action, get a new job that helps you obtain your goal, thus resulting in a job that you like and a week on the beach. So what started as a thought, moved into a belief, passed through into an action, and then turned into a reality. Thoughts = Reality.
I agree with you Trish I love this concept!
By the way I am reading that book A New Earth Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose by Eckhart Tolle, watch out it is the 100th monkey all over again!!
You can check out Trish’s blog at http://www.socalarbonne.blogspot.com/

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