World Cup 2014 Social Media Recap

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Not only was the 2014 World Cup exhilarating for players and die-hard fans, but by the numbers, this sporting event was exciting people all through the Facebook- and Twitter-spheres.


According to Twitter data, the World Cup final game set new records:

  • 618,725 tweets were sent every minute, discussing the match
  • 32.1M World Cup tweets were sent during the final match in total, down significantly from Germany’s shocking 7-1 victory against Brazil, which with
  • 35.6M tweets during the shocking Germany vs. Brazil game, where Germany pulled a victory of 7-1, remains Twitter’s most popular single sporting event ever

On Facebook, there were 280 million interactions with 88 million people engaged worldwide.

Take a look at even more staggering World Cup social media stats:

Most Social World Cup Matches:

  1. Germany vs. Argentina final (88M people with 280 million Facebook interactions)
  2. Brazil vs. Germany semifinal (66M people with 200M Facebook interactions)
  3. Brazil vs. Croatia opening match (58M people with 140M Facebook interactions)
  4. Argentina vs. Netherlands semifinal (39M people with 83M Facebook interactions)


Most Social World Cup Moments:

  1. Brazil vs. Germany semifinal:  Sami Khedira scores Germany’s fourth goal in seven minutes, giving them an inconceivable 5-0 lead with a full hour remaining in the match. 
    FIFA World Cup

  2. Germany vs. Argentina final:  The final whistle blows, crowning Germany as World Champions for the fourth time.
  3. Brazil vs. Germany semifinal:  Toni Kroos scores his second goal of the match, increasing Germany’s lead to 4-0 over a stunned Brazil team and home crowd.


Most Talked About Players:

  1. Neymar (Brazil)
  2. Lionel Messi (Argentina)
  3. Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)
  4. Luis Suárez (Uruguay)
  5. David Luiz (Brazil)


Top 3 Most Engaged Countries (as % of people on Facebook in those countries):

  1. Brazil: 57% of people on Facebook in Brazil joined the conversation about the World Cup from 6/12 – 7/13
  2. Costa Rica: 52% of people on Facebook in Costa Rica joined the conversation about the World Cup from 6/12 – 7/13
  3. Uruguay: 52% of people on Facebook in Uruguay joined the conversation about the World Cup from 6/12 – 7/13


Top 10 Player Posts for the World Cup (i.e. Top Content):

  1. Neymar and Silva selfie – 6/21
  2. Cristiano Ronaldo posing with melon carving of his likeness – 6/21
  3. Lionel Messi sharing a photo of himself with Neymar to wish him a speedy recovery – 7/4
  4. David Luiz wishing teammate Neymar well – 7/5
  5. Lionel Messi sharing a post-victory shot from the locker room after defeating the Swiss – 7/1

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