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Party Time!! I don’t know about you but for almost all party occasions my friends and I use evite.com. Evite is easy to use, easy to manage the guest list, it’s cutesy-which of course is important, and it can be monitored from anywhere. So when planning a get together most of the time I go to that site to do it, but I was out there surfing the web again…I have no life, and I found a new site that I think is super cool!!
WujWuj.com is evite with group gifting (evite+egift)….how killer is that! WujWuj according to the website stands for With Upmost Joy – like it. You sign up, which is free, create your event, add your attendees, and you can then select a gift or gifts for everyone to contribute to. So if you have a graduation, special birthday, or anniversary, anything that you want to get some people in on a good gift for-now you can do it online. Hence the tag line… No More Crappy Gifts, you know you want to say that some times, but that would be rude. So now this website can say it for you.
My family is everywhere, California, Florida, Hawaii, Washington, Colorado, Maryland, the list goes on. Trying to get everyone coordinated to go in on a gift is difficult, who’s contributing, who collects, who purchases, who delivers the gift it is always such a pain to figure out. So this website looks great, you pick the gift it is included in the invitation, your invitees (is that a word?) go to the “event” page contribute to the gift, and WujWuj purchases it and sends it to the address listed.
I love the virtual world!!
So that’s today’s get smart tip, I would love to hear your feedback about the site….

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