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In July I wrote a post about how important blogger recognition is to a blogger, not only because there is no one more qualified to rate a blog like a full time blogger, but because it brings energy back into your efforts.

The Get Smart Blog has received a wonderful compliment from another blogger. Preston over at Me and The Blue Skies blog included us in a blogger appreciation post. This is our second blogger recognition “award” and I couldn’t be more pleased.

Preston has recognized 170 blogs on his site, I have checked a few of them out and he has good taste. And no I am not just saying that because I am on the list it helps though, there really are some good blogs listed there.

I am also incredibly pleased that Preston likes The Get Smart Blog, because he left a comment on the In Digg Nation post, a week or so ago, where he was a bit offended by another commenter. I understood his position, responded to him telling him as much, but I was sure he would never be back again.

And to my utter amazement and pure joy, not only has he been back, but he has given us a stamp of approval!!

Thank you so much Preston….please go check out his blog I would say he fits into the The Smart Blogsphere quite nicely!

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